VVDI KEY TOOL APP update: IOS 1.2.0 & Android 1.2.1

Xhorse official news! VVDI KEY TOOL APP (IOS & Android) is tested working fine and release! And no matter what version of VVDI key tool (US versionEU versionME versionEnglish version, etc.)

Read the follow parts for newest version update, FAQ, install & register APP.

VVDI KEY TOOL APP latest version update
(IOS version 1.2.0 Android version 1.2.1)
IOS update
APP available only after update
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.

Android update
Android system 8.0 version might be with problem when updating, if update failed please search VVDI or KEY TOOL to download the latest APP version at google play.
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.
4.fix 96bit copy 48 online calculation problem
5.fix other bugs

Notes: please use the latest software version.
IOS please download from APP store search ‘VVDI’ or ‘KEYTOOL’

Android download from google play search ‘VVDI’




Q: How can we pair it with KeyTool? My phone didn’t find it via Bluetooth.

A: Doesn’t connect directly like that with Bluetooth, you have to open the app and in the settings select your device to pair
I presume you also checked in the key tool settings that the bluetooth function is turned on, i think default it is off.

Also need open and gps location on android.


Q: android phone,gps is on,everything is on… includind my nerves blinking like a christmas tree but pair can not be made,phone see keytool but when i try to connect connects for a second and then disconects….

A: Do not try to pair the phone in the phones settings… run the app first then the app has a pair option – use that.


How to install and register Xhorse Key tool Android APP?

Step 1: Download app from Google store



If your APP doesn’t switch to ENG, change your phone language to ENG first.






Step 3: write your email and request activation code via email


Step 4:  Paste code you received via mail

Step 5 – create password

Step 6 – Login via mail and password





Pleas enjoy