Vpecker E4 Phone Diagnostic Tool User Guide

You might still pay attention to Vpecker E4 Phone diagnostic tool. This post will help you to know more about it. The following contains the basic functions and special functions that you may use. Also, some using tips will be given below to show how convenience this Vpecker E4 Phone Diagnostic Scanner is.

This passage will take BMW diagnosis as an example.



Please connect VPECKER E4 with the car. After connection, the indication light turn on red.

Please check the connection of Bluetooth, if connect successfully, the indication light will turn to blue.

Run the VPECKER E4 APP and start to diagnose.


         Read ECU Information


         Read DTCs


         Erase DTCs


         Data List

Click the button       to start data recording, until to click the button  to stop recording:


Please chick the     button to select the data stream you want, click  the button, vertical screen will show the dynamic effect of data stream.


Click the button, horizontal screen will display dynamic effects of superimposed waveform for data stream.


Click the  button to change the waveform line color, you can select the color you like and click “OK” button.


         Active Test


         Special function


    How to Screenshot Vpecker E4 APP

Captures, saves and prints screenshots anytime and anywhere.


The screenshot files save at the path:

My file/ Internal storage/IDUTEX/U3/UserData/Screenshots


         How to Save Vpecker E4 diagnostic data

Using the saving function to generate the corresponding diagnostic report document for the vehicle diagnostic data, it greatly facilitates the diagnosis and management of the diagnosis and management of the diagnostic data.

Click the button  to save the diagnostic report .


Click the button     to view the diagnostic report , as the picture show:


         Screen Recording

Click the button to start the screen recording, click       again to stop the screen recording. Use the function to record VPECKER E4 APP operation and generate the

appropriate video files, The video can be checked in video management.


         Data Playback

You can quickly browse the video of the diagnostic data you have recorded here.


         Diagnose Function List

Click the ton to open the vehicle function list, you can quickly understand the supported models, systems and functions. As shown below:



The information of diagnostic software problems can be uploaded to the manufacture by this function. Once you have problem when using this Vpecker E4 APP, you could send the feedback to manufacture. It helps the engineers to fix the bugs quickly.

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