Vote: Does Xhorse VVDI need tokens or not?

Preface: If you buy copy 48 96bit for VVDI you get 1500 points free

1 online 48 cost 100 points, so you have points for 15 calculation

after that 1 token (1 calculation) cost 8 $


Someone suggested:

I don’t understand why xhorse do all this so complicated. I don’t understand why have version? I don’t understand why need token? For me they have a good machine. Better sell it on higher price. Me i bay it more easy If tell me this machine with id48 cloning have 1000 euro with free update and no token.

Any Way this is my opinion for this tool.



Someone objects:

Not so complicated, simply you pay for whatever functions you want/need on your device.

Other people maybe not interested in getting 48 copy function, so they simply don’t buy and save some money. So going with a larger price tag and not to use tokens to satisfy you, then maybe alienate a lot of other potential customers who are only looking for the basic functions or don’t have the budget at that moment to pay the larger price.

The way it is currently controlled, in my opinion caters for everyone to get what they need and to suit their budgets.


However, consider if they sold the tool outright for a larger price to have no tokens? Of course this initially brings in a larger profit to the company, but over time this is spent on server maintenance and upkeep, and development of other functions. How can this be sustainable over the longer term?

Where would the costs come from to continue with the developments and to run the servers etc?