TOYOTA Techstream V13.00.022 (02/2018) free download on win7

TOYOTA Techstream V13.00.022 (02/2018) free download + activation!jJpW3YpD!C0u-j8XEdG81gEtFGXQiVsfky02f4iZ0FJBy4WXE2qQ

Password: No need

Activation: Yes After installing the program to request keys enter your ID in the thread and the supplier will give you the keys.

Poster: Autokent (


The above source requires a account which cost you money to get the invitation code for registration.

You can use a older techstream V12.20.024 – tested working fine on win7 and safe to use.

Perform basic diagnosis / customization:  Toyota TIS V12.10.019 

Perform basic diagnosis / customization + ECU / Key programming: TOYOTA TIS Techstream V12.10.019


Here offer Toyota TIS techstream V12.20.024 without activation on win7 (Enjoy)!9NBllR4R!v1hY8XHTcT-RBJfQypQ5zIDLypBDJ12LHy6zDqdNOFA

180.2 MB

has register key


WIN7 works (ensure do a fresh install, Try WIN10 at your own luck)

Multi-language available: English (United States), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.


Toyota TIS Techstream V12.20.024 is compatible with:

1) Mini VCI single cable


It could read ODBII codes. It came with TIS software and drivers. I installed it and it *works* exactly the same as my much more expensive mongoose. It has a full version of TIS, no license required. I reprogrammed a couple of options – works great.

This is $23 folks! Less than the cost of what some of you are paying to enter your TPMS codes for winter/summer tires at the dealership. Shipping took a couple of weeks.


2) MINI VCI cable


3) Mangoose VCI for Toyota




5) Working on MVCI 3 in 1 interface


For any device possible to work together with techstream V12.20.024, TRY AT YOUR OWN luck!