OBDSTAR H105 on Kia Hyundai 46 ordinary key + 46 47 8A smart key

OBDSTAR H105 IMMO update for Kia/Hyundai

46 chip ordinary key                                                                             

46 47 8A chip smart key

All series models pin code reading


Here OBDSTAR H105 hardware:


As you can see it is handheld and very suitable for your palm with an appropriate dimension [claimed to be 156mm(L)*86mm(W)*28mm(H)] and a screen (claimed to be 320X240 TFT).


It is supposed to run quickly with CPU Cortex M3.


OBDSTAR H105 can program key and calibrate cluster on Hyundai / Kia via OBD

Attach a full of OBDSTAR H105 IMMO list & Cluster calibration list


OBDSTAR H105 update:

Update online and via TF card at any time.