KSuite 2.41 + 2.43 work with China clone kess V3.099 fine

Here the KSuite 2.41 + 2.43 original from Alientech !
Work with Kess V2 3.099 China clone ( Sorry i dont have Kess 4.036 ! but i think its work !)


KSuite 2.41 +2.43 free download


KSuite 2.41

From now on, you will be able to work via OBD on this ECUs Continental:

  • VAG Simos PCR 2.1
  • Ford-Land Rover SID208
  • Ford SID211
  • Ford-Mazda SID807evo
  • VOLVO SID807

For some of this news, there won’t be a new dedicated protocol, because we decided to include the novelties in the related protocols already activated: there will be no additional cost and you’ll work via OBD. If your subscription is not activated, you can work via OBD Patch.

Moreover, many interesting innovations for K-TAG and new Transmission Control Unit supported!



  • Now you can work with the following VAG engine codes:


  • We’ve completely rewritten the Virtual Reading function.