How to use GM TECH2 to remove the GM F45 option from BCM

The question is does GM TECH2 able to remove the GM F45 option from BCM. The answer is yes.

GM TECH2 Scanner worked on 02

1. Hook up Tech 2, turn car on, make sure module in the rear is plugged in. Do not unplug the rear module.

2. Use Tech 2 to delete the F45 option (F55 does not appear on the menu screen, use F45).

3. Save new configuration.

4. Do not turn car off, do not remove Tech 2. Go to the module in the rear of the car, unplug the grey connector (the widest one), leave any other plug(s) in. [leave the other 1 (F45) or 2 (F55) plugged in]

5. Turn off car, leave Tech 2 plugged in.

6. Remove remaining plugs from module in the rear of car. [never plug them back in again, if you do the F45 turns on automatically]

7. Turn car on to verify the “max speed 80 mph” is gone.

8. Unplug Tech 2.

9. Never plug the connectors back in.