This article show the guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 program key for Ferrari F12.And at the begin of the article you will get the Ferrari F12 function overview.

Ferrari Key Programming function operation procedures:

Immobilizer data backup which is prepare for generating dealer keys.

Programming keys

Programming remote keys function

Write the immo data into the new key.


Procedures of programming key for Ferrari F15 Key:

Step 1:Immobilizer data backup

Connect the Lonsdor K518 to vehicle by OBD port,then turn the ignition to “ON” position

Operate the K518 to read the vehicle BCM info.

Turn off ignition,wait for data reading,it will take about 6 minutes.

Rename the immobilizer data and save it on you computer.

Note:If the immo data reading unsuccessful,it caused by different chip model.You need to remove the chip,and use the programmer to read out the EEPROM data(.bin file).Then sent the .bin file to lonsdor engineer,them will switch the .bin file into special file.After you getting the special file,connect the lonsdor k518 to computer,copy the special file on the feature_9 folder.

Step 2: Generate Dealer Keys

Enter the lonsdor K518 system,select the immobilizer data(special file)

Put the key into the Key frequency & chip recognition coil

It will recognition the key ID,system programming and generate dealer keys.

Step3:Key Programming

The original key also need to be programmed,the new keys programmed is customized.

Turn on the ignition,system will read out the BCM info.

Enter the authorization code.

After first key programming,put the second key to program.Turn the ignition to “ON” position and follow the prompt to finish the programming.


Step 4:Remote programming:

Turn on the ignition,system read out the BCM info.

Enter the authorization code.

Holding any key on the remote about 3 seconds after select the “Confirm” on lonsdor k518.

Follow the guide on the software to complete next key program.

Below picture show the location of Ferrari F12: