How to choose Lishi picks and decode for VAG group cars?

Here some personal option on how to choose Lishi picks and decode for vag group cars. Because there are a variety of lishi tools. 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and with single and twin lifter, which may confuse some beginners.

I personally prefer the single lift tool , others prefer the twin lift tool , mainly the choice is down to personal preference .

single lift tool is far more reliable on the older system 1 models than the twin lift tool as these often require more tension and are often very worn

twin lift tool is better on the last generation of the hu66 lock from around 2010 as vag scored the wafers on some so can misread on the single lift tool but not on twin lift tool.

another tool that is useful for the hu66 generation 1 and hu66 generation 2 is the direct reader allowing you to decode these without picking first .

if wanting to do most vag group cars then a few more tools will also be needed , listed below ;

HU49 – for the early pre laser type key

HU64 – for vw crafter models

VAG 2015 8 cut – for some models from mid 2014

VAG 2015 9 cut – for some models from mid 2014

VAG 2015 10 cut – for prox models such as audi A4 , TT , Q series passat etc that use slot keys from around 2015 on

For where to have these picks and decoder, Try the search function: use keyword LISHI on,you will find what you want.

Moreover, I’d like to share my experience on the solution to cut the later 2015 10 cut blades.

not sure if futura does these yet , no one else can as yet that i know of, though you can get by on some manual tracing machines , i suspect it won’t be long before someone has a jaw to simplify this .


with regards the 10 cut and 9 cut , these have another nasty surprise when it comes to decode of door locks , ive had 3 locks so far with inverted wafers in , the 3 x 9 cut locks ive had so far the inverted wafers have been in the same positions , what this means is that the inverted positions decode on tool would need to be opposite , ie read as a 2 but cut a 3 as wafer interacting with opposite track . a way around this would be to pick the door lock with the 9 cut tool with side cuts , then use the new 9 cut ignition tool to pick and decode the ignition , the ignition uses a straight 9 cuts , the dedicated ignition tool picks and decodes the ignition to get actual conventional cuts as no inverted wafers in ignition on these i believe . cant do same with 10 cut as no ignition on these models .


we had an 8 cut with inverted wafers a while back , we explored the potential of a 4 lifter tool for these , but the key blade is too narrow to allow 4 lifters to work in current tools design , so its back to drawing board for a reliable solution on these .


Many thanks to rapidlocksmiths (DK forum member) for his contribution.


Attach pictures:

LISHI HU66(1) Decoder Picks For VW(Direct Read)

LISHI Unlock Tool For VW Audi (ES-HU66-2)