ELM327 scanner software driver ISO free download on Mega

ELM327 scanner software driver ISO free download on Mega


-Contributor: www.obdii.net engineer

-No pass

-Security: safe to use

-Works on: computer XP WIN7 OK; Android and IOS depends on the hardware compatibility.

– Works on all ELM327 scanners.


How to install ELM327 scanner

  1. Pleaseuntil you connect the ELM327 with the car, then put the USB interface of ELM327 into the laptop.
  1. Connect the 16 pin connector of ELM327 with the car’s 16 pin connector.
  2. Start the laptop and connect the USB of ELM327 to the laptop.
  3. Install the software, put the CD into the laptop and begin install it. After proper install, you will saw an icon of scan tool. (If the CD is blank, download the software I offer in the first paragraph.)
  1. Turn the car’s ignition on.
  2. start the power of the car, you can see the light shining, it means the connect has succeed.
  1. Click “my computer” begin the set of characteristic. Click the right button of your mouse, choose” characteristic”.
  1. At the “hardware”, please choose “Device Manager”, to set the comport. At the “USB

Serial port” click the right button of mouse, choose “characteristic”, choose “comport set up”

choose “baud rate to 9600. In the comport set up, choose “advanced”, you can choose

from comport 1 to comport 8.anyone is ok, and then click enter. The set up of computer is


  1. Double click the icon of “Scan Tool” on the desktop, click “Sensor Data”elm327-scantool-for-window


10.you will see a window not, pls choose “ignore”


11.in the option, please choose the same comport as previous setting. Choose the barate to 38400 and save it. Then you can read the data.