Audi S5 2013 ECU Diagnosing by OBDSTAR X100 Pro

Here is one of example of the use of OBDSTAR hand-held device X100 PRO on 2013 AUDI S5.
Tool used:
Procedure of X100 PRO diagnosis on audi s5:
Connect X100 to S5
Start the engine
Select the menu:
Loading mcu.bin…
Reading data…
Select AUTO SCAN->Read Codes->Stored Codes
No codes are stored in the module.
Back to the diagnostic menu, go to Live Data
Number of DTCs
Engine coolant
Long term fuel trim
Intake manifold absolute pressure
Engine RPM
Vehicle speed sensor
Ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder
Intake air temperature
Absolute throttle position
Commanded secondary air status
Oxygen sensor input voltage b1s2
Short term fuel trim b1s2
Oxygen sensor output voltage b2s2
Short term fuel trim b2s2
OBD requirement to which vehicle or engine is certified
Time since engine start
Distance traveled while MIL is activated
Fuel rail pressure
Commanded evaporative purge
Number of warm-ups since DTCs cleared
Distance traveled since DTCs cleared
Barometric pressure
Equivalence ratio (b1-s1)
Oxygen sensor current (b1-s1)
Equivalence ratio (b2-s1)
Oxygen sensor current (b2-s1)
Catalyst temperature bank 1, sensor 1
Catalyst temperature bank 2, sensor 1
Control module voltage
Absolute load value
Fuel/ air commanded
Equivalence ratio
Ambient air temperature
Absolute throttle position b
Absolute throttle position c
Absolute throttle position d
Absolute throttle position e